Methi Gosht


Lamb cooked with fenugreek in a medium curry sauce.


How Spicy?

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Chilli Chicken
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Chicken fried with onion, red & green peppers, green chillies in an aromatic medium gravy.

Butter Chicken
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Boneless chicken breast marianted in yoghurt, spices, almonds & cashews cooked in a creamy butter sauce


Keema Gosht
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Lamb delicacy prepared using mutton minced, onions, tomatoes, garlic cloves & cinnamon.

Chicken Tikka Masala
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Boneless chicken marinated in tandoori masala & roasted on skewers then cooked in a all time favourite curry which combines tomato, cream, coconut and a series of different spices.

Keema Mutter
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Minced lamb simmered with warm Indian spices finished by sauteing with green peas.